Enviromental, Social and Governance

ESG - Enviromental, Social and Governance, three factors that are driving changes for non-financial reporting towards sustainability. Investors, clients, governments and stakeholders are putting more pressure on organisations to put sustainability in the centre of their corporate targets, plans and policies.

Banking Sector and Investment market are playing a catalytic role for the achievement of sustainability plans and targets, since private equity and funds will be directed to sustainable financing. Green Bonds are becoming the most popular financing tools.

Non-Financial Reporting Directive, NFRD, 2014/95/EU and changes coming till 2023 are targeting decrease of greenwashing and bluewashing. Taxonomy Regulation, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) are some of the regulations that organisations have to compy with and affect the non-financial reporting.

Quetri provides Q-ESG Monitoring tool and consulting services that can be applied instantly and effectively for corporates.


Q-ESG Monitoring tool provides:

Reporting for Sustainability
Predefined performance indicators with flexibility to chnage and add
Ability to collect data from all stakeholders
Measure and Manage Performance
One Platform that can be used SaaS or on-premise

Q-ESG Monitoring tool allows the organisation to execute materiality assessments and also include ESG benchmarks.

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